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Espresso Point 951 Dosatore Machine FREE UK DELIVERY

  • £199.99

    A compact and essential machine, with a minimalistic and modern design. It is the perfect solution for those who are just looking for great coffee.

    Simple and versatile
    Elegant, with soft, refined lines, the Lavazza Espresso Point EP 951 Dosatore machine is easy to maintain and clean. It’s also extremely practical to use as the pre-set coffee doses make it perfect for small offices.
    • 200 mm
      LENGTH (L)
    • 320 mm
      DEPTH (D)
    • 280 mm
      HEIGHT (H)
    • 4,6 kg

    Technical features

    Rated power: 1200 WMaterial: ABS + PCWater tank capacity: 1700 ccOperates exclusively with Lavazza Espresso Point capsulesManual capsule insertionDispensing start buttons for preset doses and unrestricted portionElectronic circuit for temperature control, pump management, coffee dosesAutomatic ejection of the used capsule into the collector drawer
    Collector drawer for up to a maximum of 13 capsulesHeight-adjustable cup rest to allow for the insertion of a larger cupTally for consumption controlSelf-startOptional Brita filterEnergy saving functionReady to accommodate the My Charge Lavazza debit system.