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Amr Coffee pods was founded in 2001 and has been run  ever since on a family basis. We specialize in selling Lavazza coffee capsules, We strongly believe that coffee is not just a drink but a moment where getting together has its utmost expression, the moment where you do not count the time but you make the time count. That is why we support the coffee capsules market since it really gives coffee lovers the full flavour of a proper Italian espresso.

The capsule business is ever growing and we are happy to be part of this growth. However some customers hesitate using capsules because of the effect on the environment.

Can you recycle plastic capsules?

In Italy, over 95% of the population drinks coffee daily. Italians have a special relationship with coffee, which is second to none but the UK has also seen an increase in capsules usage.

The large amount of coffee capsules used, and we are talking about 5.8 billion in Italy alone, raises questions about their disposal. It is natural to wonder how we can recycle coffee capsules and, above all, how we can do it properly without excessively harming the environment.

Whether these capsules are Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Espresso Point  or Caffitaly, there is no reason why we should not do our best to help the planet by enjoying an excellent espresso.

Recycling plastic capsules

Today, recycling plastic capsules is still a difficult task but not impossible. There is a solution, but it would require consumers to make an effort. It is a limited effort, which is largely compensated for by the fact that we’ll be doing the Earth a favour. To recycle these containers, we should get rid of the coffee grounds and properly dispose of plastic it in the plastic waste bin. Are we asking too much?

DO NOT WORRY! We know you are all busy people, so our commitment is to do this for you. Just collect all used capsules and we will properly dispose of plastic and coffee grounds.

Interesting and creative ideas for reusing coffee capsules

However if you feel you are a green finger and recycling alone is not enough, there are also real opportunities for reuse. They require some manual skills, but the satisfaction and awareness that come from helping our planet will be well worth the effort.

If you have green fingers, you can decide to reuse leftover coffee to make homemade compost, so you can fertilise your plants and flowers.

In fact, coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, an element greatly appreciated by plants that prefer acid soils, such as the azalea, the gardenia or the oleander; but they are also suitable for growing mushrooms.

At Expo, the Polytechnic University of Turin and the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo presented a rather interesting project aimed at reusing compostable coffee capsulesFungoBox. It is a kind of ready-to-use bag for growing mushrooms at home, which also contains coffee grounds and “organic plastic”. Thanks to the 1,500 kg of coffee grounds collected at the universal exposition, 150 kg of edible mushrooms were grown, which, as experts assure, have more protein, fibre and magnesium than normal cultivated mushrooms.

For example, with a pack of 192 Lavazza A Modo Mio compatible capsules, you can already think of fertilising some plants. In fact, coffee should not be used alone, since it is too strong and harmful for a fragile seedling, but it should be mixed with other substances and abundant soil, so as to create a compound rich in nutrients, but without suffocating it.

You can also use some coffee grounds to make an excellent solution to help strengthen the leaves. By dissolving the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee grounds in a bucket of water, you can create a mixture that will provide the leaves with plenty of nutrients.

Lacking green fingers? That won’t be a problem. Those who have artistic and creative abilities can give new life to used capsules, so that they can be used in housework or for making fashion jewellery.

An aspiring painter could use them as small tempera containers, perhaps matching the colour of the paint to the shade of the capsule. A budding interior decorator, instead, could use them as a material to create colourful, ethnic-style decorative curtains for interiors; it would be enough to press them and tie them together, for a fun and playful effect.

Or a fashion designer could sew them on a fabric to create a colourful accessory with an interesting style, perhaps a bag with a floral pattern or a vaguely Arabic motif that matches the colour of the capsules, also pressed together; or even an artist with some manual skills could obtain some very colourful bells to be hung on a Christmas tree. This last idea might be more difficult to achieve, but it could also ensure the best results. A bell, some iron wire and tempera is all you need to decorate used capsules and make them resonate, it would be appropriate to say, with new life.

As you can see, all it takes is a little bit of initiative and a quick Internet search. There are many ideas for reuse and recycling on DIY websites and on online communities, so it really doesn’t take much to give a second life to pods and to recycle coffee capsules.



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