Recycling Your Coffee Pods | How to help save our Planet

Mar 09 , 2023

Antonio Rollo

Recycling Your Coffee Pods | How to help save our Planet

Recycling Your Coffee Pods | How to help save our Planet

A great deal of conversation has been happening in regards to coffee pods and capsules. A big focus lies on their environmental impact for better or for worse. But luckily, many companies such as Lavazza have sought out solutions to this dilemma

The impact               

To begin, it is important to note with the rise in coffee pod and capsule consumption comes an increase in the environmental impact these pods and capsules create. Pod and capsule consumption is expected to continue to increase in the next couple of years due to factors such as the pod’s convenience of use and the increase in coffee chains serving pods at their locales globally. But with all this consumption comes waste, lots of which can end up in landfills.

The solutions

That isn’t to say the pod producing companies are not privy to this and have not taken notice. Currently, there are three major methods to help ameliorate the waste factor of pods and capsules. They are aluminum, plastic and compostable pods, capsules and bags. We are going to deal with plastic, the one we deal with.


The plastic capsules and pods have a bit of a more convenient, if not also involved way of being recycled. When it comes to plastic capsules, one should again, rinse the extra coffee residue, or compost it. The pods themselves can join your plastic goods in the bin or bag for plastics! We offer lots of great espresso pods and capsules that are also 100% recyclable. You don’t have to sacrifice sustainability or leaving a smaller environmental footprint to enjoy a superb espresso in the morning!

Want to make a difference but not sure how?

Now, some readers may be wondering, “but how can I recycle my pods?”. Luckily there are a few different ways in which you can help make a difference by disposing of your left over capsules and pods. Here are a few ways you can dispose of yours.

  • You can bring empty Lavazza pods to AMR Services to be disposed
  • Visit the Terracycle website to find out ways to order collection services and special mail-able pouches for used pods to send back to the company for proper disposal.
  • Organic pods can be placed in your compost heap.
  • The extra coffee grounds can be used as an exfoliate for skin.
  • The extra grounds can also be used in the garden as a fertilizer.
  • You can use your pods for art projects or other creative projects.

Shameless plug alert. We wrote this article as an educational and awareness piece as we believe in taking responsibility and contributing towards saving the planet. We don't expect anyone to stop drinking Coffee Pods. So shop with us and like us, take your chance to contribute towards saving the planet.